About Us

Sedgwick’s American Legion post was formed May 30, 1920 with the application of a charter under the name of Pearl Pfile Post No. 268.  For the first six years meetings were held in various places in Sedgwick.

Ralph Steffe was first commander of the post.  He served two consecutive terms to head the American Legion in its infancy. 

In 1926 the members purchased a 50 x 50 lot on West 5th Street from Mr. Seaman.  A building was erected on this site by the members and interested citizens of Sedgwick.  Dr J.I Kirkpatrick headed the post during the building process.

Money was raised by the post by various means.  They operated a movie theatre, sponsored a basketball team, staged ministrel shows, and raised the dues from 50 cents in 1920 to $2.00 in 1926.

In 1946 the membership of the post jumped to 81 following WWII.  On February 13, 1947 the name of the post was changed to “Hicks-Davison” in commeration of Floyd Hicks and Max Davison, both of Sedgwick, who gave their lives in WWII.  Verryl Zaring was commander at this time.

The new building at 510 N Commercial was purchased in September of 1962 from Charles Carlock, a member of the post.  In 2004, the building next door was bought and paid for in 4years.  It is now an additional sitting area with a stage for the band, a brand new larger kitchen, and additional bathrooms.

During the post’s history there has been three father-son combinations of commanders, Alvin and Clyde Plumer, T.J. and Lee Grimwood and Michael and Jacob Liby.

Ralph Steffe was commander for the most terms with five to his credit.  Ralph was also the first Sgt. At Arms of the Newton Post which was formed shortly before the local post. 

The American legion has had a steady growth since 1955 with a new all time high of 130 members.